Now playing with Federated Wiki here#

Today was rebuilding a solution that had been updated to xunit2, and kept getting random test failures, usually with some kind of conflict with Rhino Mocks. The fix seemed to be to turn off the parallel testing. A little googling turned up this which suggests Rhino Mocks does indeed have a problem in a multi-threaded test environment#

Had some issues when adding custom fonts to [IdentityServer]( - which is when I found in the [docs]( that by default it implements [Content Security Policy](

Also found some issues with trying to override the builtin Bootstrap with the CDN version...#

Found [this]( useful reference on [CSP and](

This resource looks useful too - [CSP Playground](

If you need to use ILMerge, you must use an unencrypted string name key for your assembly#

If you change the strong name key for your assembly, CRM thinks it's a whole new assembly, so it might pay to create new ones explicitly#

If you are now including the generated CRM early-bound classes through ILMerge instead of as a source include, remember to add [assembly: Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.ProxyTypesAssemblyAttribute()] to all deployed assemblies#

June already?#

In an Asp.Net project, if you don't have Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb then Startup will fail silently....#

Thursday thursday#


It's just a bit loud in the office today - they have started pile driving on the site next door#

Strange CRM error - running a plugin on dev instance a consistent failure with "system user with id X does not exist". Plugin was running as "calling user". When deployed to staging and live, works fine... #notfixed #

Drew up first cut of simplified E-R diagram of key CRM data around Contact for thunderhead#

Writing some feature definitions for the website bit of the SSO piece#

Not sure I can link a theme around today#

Observation / tentative conclusion exercise from #PKM40 resulting in a blog post#

Conversations about enterprise social#

Product development stuff#

Trying to workaround the MSFT CRM solution import bug#

Quite a bit of working aloud#

Mostly around Identity#

and some around noemail#

and where did the rest of the time go?#

Talking and coding today#

Very good conversations around collaboration and customer engagement tracking#

Significant progress on proof of concept with IdentityServer#

Quick update blog on #NoEmail#

Start the week#

Getting the proof of concept working (ish) using IdentityServer and MembershipReboot#

working on presentation for management meeting about collaboration and engagement#

useful conversations about different media, and about account management#

Noemail and more#

Good chats with @elsua and others on #noemail#

Getting to grips with assignment 1 on #PKMastery40#


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